huminos platform allows the organization to integrate their calendars for the 1:1 conversation between user and manager and calibration meetings. On creating meetings, these events are automatically added to their calendar on Microsoft Outlook and Google alendar. These meetings are default created with their in-built online meeting URLs. 

An organization using Zoom for their meetings can enable this integration so that 1:1 conversation meeting and calibrations meeting is scheduled on Zoom and same meeting URL shared with users on their calendar event.

To activate the Zoom integration, an organization must have one meeting integration enabled either Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar

Activate Zoom Integration

1. Only the admin of the huminos can enable the integration
2. Go To the Integration menu under the admin section (Admin -> Integrations)

3. Click on the Activate button to enable the Zoom Integration
To Enable zoom integration the user should have admin access to Zoom Platform
4. A window pop would open for authorization of Zoom integration with your OKR platform
5. If you are not logged in Zoom account, please login with your organization zoom account that has admin access
6. Click on Authorize button to activate the integration

On successful authentication, the Zoom integration is enabled for your organization. All further meetings created under the huminos platform will have zoom meeting URLs available with their Calendar events.

Create a meeting on huminos

Users can create a meeting on the huminos platform on the 1:1 Conversation page and the Zoom meeting URL  gets attached to their Google calendar or Microsoft Outlook event based on the organization-activated calendar.

* Go to CFRs > 1:1 Conversation on huminos dashboard
* Click on the Schedule Meeting button
* Enter Meeting details and click Schedule 1:1
* Find the meeting details in the upcoming section on the huminos platform
* FInd Zoom meeting URL on respective calendar

Uninstallation Zoom Integration

Admin can uninstall the Zoom integration from the huminos platform from the Admin -> Integrations page by disabling the integration or uninstall it from the Zoom marketplace.

From huminos dashboard
* Log into your huminos account
* Go to Admin section
* Click on Integrations section
* Click on Zoom integration
* Click on Disconnect to remove the integration

From Zoom Marketplace
* Login to your Zoom account and navigate to Zoom App Marketplace
* Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the huminos app
* Click huminos app
* Click Uninstall

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