1. What are templates?

    Setting up OKRs, giving appreciative and developmental feedback and summarising performance at the end of the OKR cycle is an intense activity and requires excellent writing and articulation skills. Templates make this process easy through preset text on OKRs, feedback, impact, strengths, growth areas, future experiences etc.

  2. What type of templates are available?

    The following type of templates are available:

    1. OKRs
    2. Initiatives
    3. Blockers
    4. Appreciative feedback
    5. Developmental feedback
    6. Impact
    7. Strenghts
    8. Growth Areas
    9. Future Experiences
  3. Can I add a template?

    Yes. As an admin you can add your own template.

  4. Can I delete a template?

    You can clone an existing template and modify the text. However, you cannot delete a template.

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