huminos provides an app integration in the Slack platform to get work done without having to switch away. huminos app on Slack helps users to nudge for their important action for the performance cycle and view their OKR's, progress check-in and share ad-hoc feedback with peers. Admin on huminos platform and Workspace admin/owner can install this app for their users in Slack. 

Install huminos app for Slack

Please note only admin on huminos platform and Workspace Org administrators on Slack can install this app for their users in Slack.  If you are not an admin, reach out to your company admin to install this integration for you.
1. Go to the integrations menu inside the Admin section of the huminos platform (Admin -> Integrations)

2. FInd the Slack integration and click on the switch button to enable the integration for your Slack workspac

3. Select the Slack workspace (Org-wide) you wish to add the huminos app (Recommended where you all organization users are present) from the top right dropdown

4. Click on Allow button to integrate the app

On successful app integration, you will start seeing the huminos bot under the App section on Slack.

huminos Slack bot features

Once huminos and Slack are integrated, users receive nudges on Slack from huminos platform:

1. Users receives all the nudges natively on their Slack platform natively with CTA

2. Users can use the huminos Home tab to view all their objective & key results and their progress

3. Users can use the Slack integration for check-ins that gets updated on their huminos platform in real-time

4. User can directly message the bot for any action like schedule meeting, add an objective, view progress and bot replies with the appropriate action 

5. User can share, request and view all the peer feedback from the Slack bot by typing AdhocFeedback to the bot if enabled

Remove huminos Slack Integration

Admin on the huminos platform can deactivate the Slack integration from the admin -> Integration section. 
* Click on the Slack integration
* Click on the Disconnect button to disable Slack integration

    For any questions, please reach out to us at
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