Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Huminos platform allows users to track progress of their key results using Google Sheets integration. Users can associate a spreadsheet's cell value or a column with a specific operation(ex: sum/average/min/max etc) with key results and the progress will be updated when value inside a particular cell or column is updated.

Activate Google Sheets integration for your company

Admin of Huminos platform can activate the integration for their company.  To activate, please follow the below steps

1. Go to the Admin menu from the left navigation menu
2. Select Integrations menu
3. Select Google Sheets integration from the progress tracking integrations
4. Click on Activate button and Save

Associate Google Sheet with Key Results

User can associate a Google Sheet with their key results to update the progress of the key results. Once you attach the sheet with the key results, the progress of key results automatically updates when the values inside the specified cell or column is updated

To associate a Google Sheet with key results, please follow the below steps

1. Go to the key result and click on the actions menu (3 dots) next to each key result
2. Select Edit Key Result 
3. Click on Connect to Data Source
4. Select Google Sheets from the list

5. Authorise your Google Account by checking the 2 permissions: Google Drive and Spreadsheet. Google Drive permission is required to show the list the google sheets user has access to and Google Sheets permission is required to get the content of spreadsheet to calculate progress of the key result. Both permissions are read-only, thus cannot alter, add or delete user's data.

6. Click on Continue Button

After the successful authorization, user can select the Sheet, Column or Cell which they want to use for progress tracking.

7. Click on Verify button to get value of progress. Once verified, you can click on Save button.

After saving, progress of the key result will get updated automatically at a frequency of 1 hour. If you wish to update the current progress instantly, click on the sheets icon visible on the key result.

For any questions, please reach out to huminos at

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