Self Reviews

Self Reviews

Self Review helps employees to analyze their performance, their strengths and growth areas and document them. This later on helps them in their personal as well as professional growth. Self reviews are a great way for an employee to present themselves openly in front of their managers.

Submit Self Review

  • Log into huminos platform
  • Go to Reviews under Reflections

  • You will see your pending self review in Pending list if self review submission is allowed for your company and the phase is in progress
  • Click on Start Review button

  • Fill in your responses for the review questions set by the admin of your company.

  • Click on Save as Draft if you still wish to edit or add more points
  • Click on Submit, if you are confident with your responses. You cannot edit the submitted responses one submitted

  • Once you submit your self review, you can see it in the Completed list.

  • Click on Nudge button to nudge your manager to submit their review on it. Please note: You can only nudge your manager once a day.

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