Introduction To Cycles

It is important to understand the cycles before you launch the platform for your company.

A cycle is the period for which a company define their roadmap and reiterate on their priorities. Organizations define new objectives for each cycle to achieve their goals. Admin can manage each phase of the OKR cycle independently with phases like OKR setup, check-in progress, 1:1 Conversation, Reviews and Calibration.

Cycles represent the period for which a user can set up their OKRs. People in the organisation use this cycle to set, align and achieve their objectives. Ideally, you should create a quarterly OKR cycle where you can set up the objectives, track them via continuous check-ins and reflect through OKR scoring. You can also set up a yearly cycle and associate the quarterly cycle.

Set up a cycle

→ Go to the cycles page on the admin panel

→ Click on the create cycle button

→ Enter the name for the cycle eg - Q1 2022

→ Enter the start date and completion date for the cycle

→ You can also map this cycle as a child cycle by tagging some parent cycle

→ Option to enable performance module with this cycle

→ Click on Save

Enabling the performance module allows the admin to set up feedback about the manager, 360 Behaviour assessment, and performance reviews.

The cycle you have created is in draft status. Cycles that are in draft status, are not visible to the user to create objectives. To make the cycle visible to all the users, click on the Activate button to activate the cycle.

Here you will see all the cycles created in 3 categories.

  1. Current Cycles - All the cycles that are currently in progress. The current date is between the start and completion dates of the cycle.
  2. Upcoming cycles - All cycles that have a start date of a future become an upcoming cycle.
  3. Past Cycles - All cycles that have passed their completion date are known as the past cycles and the user can not perform any action on the past cycle.

Edit or Delete a cycle

Admin can edit or delete the cycle from the cycles page.

→ Go to the cycle

→ Click on the Edit icon to make the changes and click on Save

→ Click on the delete icon and confirm

Deleting a cycle will also delete all the associated objectives and performance activities tagged with the cycle.

Performance module with cycles

Admin has the ability to set up a performance module with any of the cycles. This performance module gives access to Feedback about the manager, Behaviour feedback, and performance review.

You can disable any particular phase within the cycle. By default, the platform provided the dates for these phases to run based on the cycle it is mapped. You can go to the individual phase and make the changes and click on Save.

You can make any changes corresponding to these in the phase in the configuration tab.

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