Notification Preference

Notification Preference

Company Wide Notification Preference

huminos platform provides natives integration to collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. Admin on the huminos platform can enable this integration for their company and their users can use this integration to receive nudges from the huminos platform, view objectives, and track progress via check-ins.

huminos admin can customise notification preference for their company. The default notification channel is email. If your company has Microsoft Teams or Slack integration active, all notifications are also sent to users on respective channels.

Admin can keep all channels enabled for the notifications or select a specific channel they wish to receive the notification from the channels.

To update the notification preference

→ Go to Settings in Admin Panel
→ Select the tab "Notification Preference"
→ Select what type of notification you would like to receive on that platform
→ Click on Save to update the notification channel

Type of notification that can be customised for each notification channel

  1. All Messages - Notifications for various activities on the platform e.g. OKR creation, approval, alignment, scheduling 1:1 meetings, check-ins, feedback, etc., and reminders for completing these activities.
  2. Transactional messages - Notifications only for user activities on the platform for that channel. All reminders are excluded.
  3. No messages - Do not disturb the user with any type of notification for the selected channel

Admin can control these notification settings for all the users in their company.

User Notification Preference

huminos platform sends nudges to the users on many notification channels based on the active integration and company wide notification preference. Users can set their own notification preferences for the enabled notification channels.

If the admin has enabled All Messages for a notification channel, then the user can override it to transactional only or no messages for themselves. If the notification channel is disabled by the admin, then no override is available to the user.

To update the notification preference

→ Go to your huminos profile
→ Select Notifications menu from the left panel
→ Select your preference for the channel and Save

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