Manager Review

Manager Review

Manager Review helps your team members improve their overall performance. They are a great way to provide feedback on employee performance, increase interaction and employee engagement. It not only helps the manager identify areas of growth and promotion opportunities but also helps employees to know their performance from their manager’s point of view and their areas of growth.

Submit Manager Review

  • Log into huminos platform
  • Go to Reviews under Reflections

  • You will see all your pending manager reviews in Pending list if manager review submission is allowed for your company
  • Click on Start Review button.

  • Fill in your review responses for the questions answered by your report in their self review.

  • Click on Save as Draft if you still wish to edit or add more points
  • Click on Submit, if you are confident with your responses. You cannot edit the submitted responses.

  • Once you submit your review, you can see it in the Completed list.

    For any questions, please reach out to us at
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