huminos platform provides insights for the manager to view activities performed by their reporters. Get deeper insights into your team's performance in achieving their objectives, frequent check-ins, regular 1:1 conversation, and feedbacks.

Manager insights

→ Manager insight page displays the number of reporters you have and percentage completion of OKR setup by them for the current cycle .
→ View your team's objective by type
  • OKR Alignment
  • Committed vs Aspirational
  • OKR Type (Individual, Team and organization)
→ View check-in activities for each reporter to find any irregularities to take action ahead of type
→ View OKR status of each reporter as number of objectives at risk, on track, not started, postponed, and completed along with their last check-in details
→View frequency of 1:1 conversation with your reporters
→ View anonymous 1:1 meeting feedback and details
→ View top values received by your team
→ View total details of Adhoc feedback received by your team and individual user on
  • Feedback received by the manager
  • Feedback received by peers
  • Feedback received by others
→ If you reported manage a team, you can view the same insight of the reporter as well

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