How to check-in against OKRs?

How to check-in against OKRs?

Check-Ins against OKRs

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      What is a check-in? Check-in is a progress update against your OKRs. It typically involves sharing the % progress against your OKRs and the status of an OKR i.e. not started, at risk, on track, completed or postponed. Check-ins are akin to ...
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      What is the difference between annual performance management and continuous performance management? What is the difference between OKR and KPI? KPI or Key Performance Indicator measures the current operations i.e. Business As Usual. OKRs or ...
    • Check-Ins

      ​ Go to OKR—>Check-Ins Click on the Actions menu against the objective or click on the progress bar of any OKR Click on Check-In link from the action menu Enter value in the "Track progress for your OKR" field Select Status Write text in the ...
    • How to give feedback on check-ins?

      Check-in feedback
    • Introduction to OKRs

      What are OKRs? Objectives and Key Results or OKRs is a framework of goal setting invented by Andy Grove, legendary CEO of Intel . OKRs were later popularised by John Doerr, a legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist who helped implement the OKR ...