Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Integrating huminos with Google Workspace will enable automatic synchronisation of user details and frees you up from manually adding or removing users in our platform.

The following activities are performed:

  1. Automatically sync the employees information from Google Workspace to huminos
  2. The reporting structure present in Google Workspace is also reflected in huminos
  3. When employee data is updated in Google Workspace, it will be synchronised in huminos via daily batches.
When employee data is manually updated in huminos, it will be updated with the incoming data coming from Google Workspace when this integration is activated.

The following employee information is synchronised from Google Workspace to huminos 

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Job Title
  4. location
  5. Department
  6. Manager 
  7. Profile Image
Before you integrate make sure that all of your employee data in Google Workspace is accurate. When you integrate, Google Workspace will become your source of truth for user profile information and reporting relationships.

Enabling the Google Workspace integration

Step 1. Go to the integrations menu inside the Admin section of the huminos platform (Admin -> Integrations). Select Google Workspace.


Step 2: Click “Connect” button

Now you will be redirected to huminos app installation page on Google workspace marketplace

Step 3: Click on “Domain Install”

Step 4: You will see a prompt to install the app. Click on “Continue”

This button will take you to the authorization page, where you can authorize the integration.
Note that you must log in with a google admin account in your browser and grant permissions on behalf of the organization to complete this step
At this stage, you can enable for all employees in your organization or select employees.
Agree to the terms and Click “Finish” to continue.

Once this is done, please go back to the integrations page on huminos and click on Google Workspace app again
From here click on the "Connect" button to enable the syncronization of user data.

After this the users are automatically synced daily.

Force User Sync

Though we have auto-sync with Google workspace daily, in some cases, you may want to force user sync from Google Workspace.
In such scenario, you can do the following:

Step 1: Navigate to the manage users section in the Admin section of the huminos platform (Admin -> Manage -> Users)
Step 2: Click on "Add Users" button under which you will see "Auto Sync Users" option

Step 3: Click on “Sync Users” open next to Google Workspace

Once you do this, the user sync process will start again. You can click on "Close" button as the process will continue in the background

Shortly, you will be able to see any changes done on Google Workspace.

Hope you found this guide useful 

    For any questions, please reach out to us at
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