1. Can I request feedback from any colleague?

    Yes. You can request feedback from any colleague.

  2. Can I give feedback to any colleague?

    Yes. You can give feedback to any colleague.

  3. Can I give feedback to my manager?

    Yes. If your company admin has activated this feature, you can give feedback to your manager

  4. Can I request feedback from people I collaborated for my OKRs?

    Yes. This process is part of the end of OKR cycle where you can nominate a list of people you collaborated with during the OKR cycle. This nomination list has to be approved by your manager. Once approved, the colleagues in the nomination list will receive a nudge to provide feedback.

  5. What is Sandwiching?

    Sandwiching is a practice where you club developmental feedback in between two appreciative feedbacks.

    The idea behind the feedback sandwich is to soften the blow by putting the piece of developmental feedback between two appreciative ones.

    It's an anti pattern because it makes the overall point much weaker, and as a result, will decrease its effectiveness with the receiver.

    Manager's feedback should much more direct and focused.

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