Feedback is an easiest way to share appreciative and developmental feedback with your peers that enhance overall productivity of a team. huminos platform provides 4 type of feedback that can be shared with your peers or manager.

Type of Feedback:

1. Ad-hoc Feedback

This feedback allows the users to share or request the feedback from any user inside their organisation.  They are independent from the OKR cycle and help companies to set the culture of sharing feedback using huminos platform.

Share/Request Ad-hoc Feedback
* Go to Feedback page under CFRs menu
* Click on the button on right top corner "Ad-hoc Feedback"
* Select the option to request/share the feedback

2. Check-in Feedback

Whenever you make a check-in on your OKR, manager gets notified about the progress update with an option to share feedback. Manager can find the details of the check-in in the Nudges section, notifications and share appreciative and developmental feedback with the user. This feedback are visible to the manager and reportee on the Feedback page.

3.  Peer Feedback for OKRs

When the peer feedback on OKRs phase starts in a OKR cycle, user will receive a notification from the huminos platform to start requesting feedback from the people they have collaborated to achieve the progress of their Objective. You will see a button on the Feedback page under CFRs to initiate Peer Feedback.

* Click on the button Peer Feedback for OKRs
* Select the Objective 
* Select the collaborator with whom you have worked on the OKR
* Enter the collaboration area and send for approval
* Your manager can see all the request in their Pending tab
* Manager can approve/reject or edit the details 
* Once the request is approved by the manager, the collaborator receives the notification to share their feedback

Peer Feedback for OKRs can only be initiated once the phase is active in the OKR cycle.

4. Feedback to Manager

When the Feedback to Manager phase starts in a OKR cycle, user will receive a notification to share feedback about their manager for the cycle. Users are required to complete the feedback with the phase duration. The questions of Feedback to Manager can be customized by the admin for their company.

* Go to Feedback page under CFRs
* You will see a request to share your feedback to manager in the Pending tab
* Click on the button to share your feedback
* Enter the response for each question in the feedback and click on Submit button
* Your feedback to manager is not visible to manager and it will be shared with your Skip level manager i.e. manager of you manager.

Feedback to manager can only be shared when the phase is active in an OKR cycle and it will be share with your skip level manager

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