Upload Bulk Users in huminos

Upload Bulk Users in huminos

Upload or Update Users From Excel

You can upload or update multiple users in your organization with an excel file. You can bulk upload them using an excel file.
To upload your users use our template and follow the steps below:
Step 1: Navigate to the manage users menu in the Admin section of the huminos platform (Admin -> Manage -> Users)
Step 2: Click on the blue "Add Users" button and select "Bulk Upload".

Step 3: Click "Download"

Template will be in the following format

For every row in the file, we will either:
  1. Create a new user account using that row's details
  2. Update an existing user's account corresponding to that row’s email address
We will do this by matching each user's email address. Because of this, please make sure all emails are correct before uploading your excel file. Add the details in this template and save as an excel.

Step 4: Click upload file, and select the update excel file

Step 5: You can choose to send an email invitation now or manually send the invitation later if you plan to formally launch later on.

Step 6: Click upload users to process the excel

You will receive feedback once the data is processed including the details of errors due to which the processing may have failed.

Excel Requirements

In the excel file you upload, each row MUST have these columns:
  1. Email
  2. Name
  3. Manager's Email (For CEO’s or company heads, you may leave the field blank)

In the excel file you upload, each row may have these additional columns:

  1. Location
  2. Department
  3. Division
  4. Title
  5. EmployeeId
  1. The "Manager Email" will be used to configure your org chart and reporting structure. Again, please make sure these emails are correct.

  2. Leaving fields blank(except manager email) will neither remove information from a user's huminos account.

  3. Once the excel is uploaded, adder users will remain in a "New" state if you have not selected to invite them, otherwise they will be in “Invited” state. They can be invited all at once or one at a time.


How to troubleshoot common issues in the excel upload process

If you are experiencing any issues adding users using excel, we recommend following the steps listed below to troubleshoot the issue. You can re-upload the excel as many times as you want with no negative effects, as long as you don't change an employee's email address (changes to email addresses will generate new accounts). 

Step 1: Make sure all your email addresses are valid
Step 2: Make sure you're using a excel file when uploading your employee data
Step 3: Make sure all managers details are present in the same excel or already added in huminos system
Step 4: Make sure that you have headers in your excel (highlighted below) and in the given sequence

Step 5: Make sure there are no fields with errors. If any errors are present then you will receive an email with the same excel and errors will be commented on the corresponding columns

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