Huminos platform allows the users to track progress of their key results using  ClickUp integration. User can enable the ClickUp integration and associate the tasks with key results and the completion of tasks updates the progress of the key results.

Activate ClickUp integration for your company

Admin of Huminos platform can activate the integration for their company.  To activate, please follow the below steps

1. Go to the Admin menu from the left navigation menu
2. Select Integrations menu
3. Select ClickUp integration from the progress tracking integrations
4. Click on Activate button and Save

Integrate ClickUp tasks with key results

User can associate ClickUp tasks with their key results to update the progress of the key results. Once you attach the tasks with the key results, the progress of key results automatically updates when you complete the tasks on ClickUp integration.

To associate ClickUp tasks with key results, please follow the below steps

1. Go to the key result and click on the actions menu (3 dots) next to each key result
2. Select Edit Key Result 
3. Click on Connect to Data Source
4. Select ClickUp from the list
5. Authorise your ClickUp account

6. Click on Connect Workspace 

After the successful authorization, user can select the tasks from their workspace and connect more workspace available in their ClickUp account.

User can select the workspace, space, folder and list to filter their tasks from the platform. Click on the checkbox to select the task to associate with key result and click on button below to link. Click on Continue and Save on key result page.

User can see the key result which are associated with the ClickUp tasks on their progress bar as shown in below screenshot. On clicking of this icon, you can see all the associated tasks and their status.

As you complete the tasks on the ClickUp integration, the progress of the key result automatically updates the progress based on the number of tasks.

For any questions, please reach out to huminos at