1. What is a check-in?

    Check-in is a progress update against your OKRs. It typically involves sharing the % progress against your OKRs and the status of an OKR i.e. not started, at risk, on track, completed or postponed.

    Check-ins are akin to intermittent milestones that provide a sense of accomplishment.

    Check-ins help managers to clarify expectations, allocate tasks, provide necessary resources and remove any obstacles towards achieving organisational objectives.

    A check-in typically involves updating the percentage completion of an OKR and sharing subjective text on initiatives and blockers.

  2. How frequently should I check-in?

    Typically, check-ins are done monthly. However, there is no restriction on how many times you can check-in.

  3. What are Initiatives and Blockers?

    Initiatives are the proactive actions taken by the individual employee for achieving progress or overcoming obstacles towards their objectives and key results.

    Initiatives help managers to assess if an individual employee is moving in the right direction and intervene if necessary.

    Blockers are the events (situational or personal) that impede progress towards goals.

    Situational factors are workplace related, for example, lack of resources.

    Blockers help managers to avoid unpleasant surprises and make necessary interventions to remove the roadblocks.

  4. Can I share my progress against an OKR with my manager?

    Yes. You can share your check-in progress instantly with your manager.

  5. Can I share my progress against an OKR with my team?

    A separate update to your team is not required when you check-in. Your team mates can see your check-in progress by looking at OKRs.

  6. Can my manager provide feedback on my progress?

    Yes. When your company admin activates this feature, your manager is nudged to provide feedback on your check-in progress.

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